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Whether you want to get fitter, combat pain, boost your wellbeing or just age a little more gracefully, MyPilatesTime makes it easy to achieve your health goals with fun, engaging online pilates classes. Show your body the love and respect it deserves and finally rediscover your zest for life!

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We help every woman feel her best and learn to move her body in a way that brings her joy.

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My Pilates Time lets you add an engaging

Enjoyable Form Of Exercise To Your Life

Without Changing Your Busy Schedule!


It’s the on-demand solution for getting in-tune with your body and feeling better than ever before. You can join any class from the privacy and comfort of home – so you don’t need to make that pilgrimage (because that’s what it feels like sometimes) to the gym or fitness studio. Press play and get started – it’s that simple!

With a variety of packages, MyPillatesTime gives you access to an online library with hundreds of ready-made pilates classes tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a complete beginner just getting started or a seasoned pro looking to learn some new tips and tricks, you’ll get exactly what you need at the touch of a button.



150+ pre-recorded instructional videos and classes

50+ healthy-eating recipe library for meals, snacks and smoothies

Weekly plan to help you stay on track

Entry to a private Facebook community

Access to Live Sessions throughout the month




150+ pre-recorded instructional videos and classes

50+ healthy-eating recipe library for meals, snacks and smoothies

Weekly plan to help you stay on track

Entry to a private Facebook community

Access to Live Sessions throughout the month

Get 2 months FREE by signing up for an annual plan!

Billing for MyPilatesTime occurs in USD.

you deserve

To Look & Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Ladies, sometimes we tend to be pretty hard on ourselves. Our mind always likes to remind us we’re getting a little older, a tiny bit stiffer and if we’re honest… we’re probably a bit less active than we were a few years (or decades) ago (oops!)…

So, it’s only natural to have a little self doubt about getting back into exercise. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to change that sneaky little voice inside our head that has lost confidence in ourselves and reminds us that we’re not good enough…

Ever felt like that?

Chances are you’re a beautiful person inside and out who always puts other people first – and you’ve taken a back seat when it comes to self-care.

You’ve written-off discomfort or a lack of energy as “life catching up with me”. And you’ve developed a bit of a love-hate relationship with exercise.

Over the years, maybe you haven’t given yourself (or your body) the time and love it truly deserves and you’re unsure about getting back into exercise and going it alone.

If you’ve been focused on working hard to raise a family, developing a successful career or something equally worthwhile, maybe you’ve stopped making a real effort to rediscover the fit, healthy, happy you…

…And the truth is, you’re not alone.

Thousands of women across the world have said the same thing to me…
Let’s see if you can relate. Have you ever caught yourself saying…

I want to keep my mind & my body healthy…

But I’ve got a million other things on my plate. I’m constantly worrying about work, my partner or sorting stuff out for the kids. And I just can’t find the time to commit to any proper routines!

I know I should try & workout a little bit more...

But I don’t really like fitness and I’m not a fan of gym culture. I feel out of place, on my own and like nothing’s working. I usually end up with an injury that stops me from making any real, measurable progress!

I’m open to trying classes from home...

But I’m a bit scared of the technology. I’m not the most tech-savvy and I just don’t fancy struggling and feeling foolish. Plus, I don’t really want to be live on camera sweating in front of total strangers!
And above everything else…

I’m ready to take action and make a positive change...

But I just can’t seem to find the option that’s right for me. Believe me, I want to look and feel better than I do now – but I need something that’s fun, flexible and can help me fall back in love with exercise!

At My Pilates Time we want you to stop dreading the thought of working out and instead, we want you to start developing a healthy, happy relationship with exercise and finally feel at home in your body.

you can do

The Things You Love –
Without Pain Or Limitations

Even if the birthdays are coming faster than you’d like, there’s no reason why you can’t keep on top of your health and well being as the years go by.

If anything, it’s more important than ever to make time for yourself! And when you reignite your passion for fitness and find something that works for you, you can get back to the day to day things you don’t want to miss out on:


Attend events looking good and feeling confident

Play with the grand kids without huffing, puffing or doing your back in

Have a day in the garden and not ache the next morning

Carry the shopping and run errands without feeling weary

Live a quality lifestyle without debilitating health concerns


Life is meant to be lived and we know that many women that don’t feel confident in themselves miss out on many of life’s most exciting adventures and they ultimately let life pass them by…
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If there was a way to stay happy and healthy which fit perfectly into your busy schedule, didn’t focus on high-intensity training and could be done anytime, anywhere…

Would you try it? We’re talking about an energising, empowering way to move your body that is incredibly fun, feels amazing and makes you actually WANT to do it.

Something that helped you to:

Love yourself a little bit more

No… Not just fitting into your favourite red dress or seeing a certain weight on the bathroom scales. We mean genuinely loving and feeling amazing in your body.

Combat Aches & Pains

Reduce your discomfort and have more energy so you can join in on all the fun activities – and not have to watch on from the sidelines with a dodgy knee.

Reduce Stress & Find Calm In The Chaos

Have a clear mind and a more positive outlook in everything you do. The ability to take a step back from the whirlwind of your mind and the world around you.

Check In With Your Body & Have Some ‘Me Time’

Experience genuine solitude, peace and quiet where you can focus fully on yourself and how you’re feeling. A chance to take a deep breath and give yourself some extra TLC.

Become Physically Stronger, More Flexible & Toned

Develop arms, legs and waist definition that people actually notice. A way to improve your posture, confidence and physique so you always feel comfortable & confident.

Improve Your Quality Of Sleep

Have no more worries about light, interrupted shut-eye that leaves you groggy and performing at less than your best in the day ahead.

Make Positive, Sustainable Changes

Create a consistent exercise practice that you don’t feel like quitting after just a few sessions or that never seems to get results no matter how much you sweat!

There’s a simple way to achieve all of this and more!

Introducing My Pilates Time…

…One Of The Best Ways To Feel Vibrant, Energetic & Positive!


If you want to truly benefit from all the things we just spoke about up there plus a whole lot more (seriously, the list is pretty endless!) Pilates might be the perfect option for you to help find the new lease of life you’ve been searching for. 


Never tried it? Well… Here’s why it’s so good!
(and if you have tried it, here’s a friendly reminder)

You Don’t Have To Change Your Routine

Fad diets and hardcore gym regimes tend to have a pretty limited shelf-life. They’re rigid, restrictive and – let’s be honest – impossible to keep up for longer than a couple of weeks. But with Pilates, it’s really simple to incorporate into your daily schedule. Sessions are just 20 minutes long and can be done easily from home so you can be flexible, stay consistent and finally see results!

You Don’t Need To Be Super Fit (phew!)

Yep. You read that right. Pilates isn’t reserved for those gifted with supernatural fitness genes! It isn’t heavy and hard, it’s just about moving your body in a way that keeps it healthy and strong. And here’s the best part… Anyone, at any age, can get started! Pilates is suitable for everyone (yes, everyone) – even if your current idea of keeping fit is lifting up a bottle of wine on a Friday night.

You Don’t Put Strain On Your Body

Is there anything more frustrating than picking up an injury that stops your fitness progress dead in its tracks? Well, unlike high-intensity workouts, Pilates doesn’t hurt to the point of pain or severe stiffness. You’ll feel like you’ve worked your muscles and notice it the next day – but it’s easy on your body so you’re less likely to get injured or feel those post-class joint pains!

You Don’t Need Willpower (again... phew!)

Have you ever nearly got up off the sofa, almost ignored the last slice of cake or just about made it to the gym? Getting started is the hardest part, right? With Pilates, you won’t feel like you’re dragging yourself to a class or forcing yourself to keep fit. When you can actually enjoy what you’re doing without having to leave your living room, you’ll never struggle for motivation!

And... You’ll Have a Whole Lot of Fun!

Above anything else, Pilates is about having a good time. It’s about finding a connection with yourself and finding joy in every class as you work towards your own personal fitness goals. Classes are never too stuffy or serious – and you’ll leave every session feeling better than when you started. Whoever said staying fit couldn’t be done with a smile on your face?

wellbeing on-demand

A Community At Your Fingertips

Here’s Why People Everywhere Love MyPilatesTime…

MyPilatesTime isn’t just an easy way to stay fit without disrupting your daily routine. Well, it is that – but it’s also a living, breathing community of people just like you.

Even if you stick to pre-recorded classes (without anyone else on camera), you’ll still get support from others working on living healthy, balanced and stress-free lives.

You can chat to other members, ask questions and receive regular insights and ideas from our experts as part of your monthly membership. Oh – and even better:

You don’t need to have any fancy equipment or trendy gym clothes. Just wear something comfy and only worry about bringing yourself to the class!
You don’t need to find hours of time each day to keep up. Just drop in for a quick session and carry on with whatever you were doing – no issues!
You don’t need to use a gym studio or professional setup. Bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, garages – they all work! Find some space and join in.
You don’t need to be tech savvy or a whizz with computers. Every class is super simple to log into without any complex platforms or portals (yuck!)
You don’t need to exercise for hours every day – just 15 minutes 3x per week! Pilates keeps you fit and healthy with small chunks of enjoyable movement.

All you DO need is a positive attitude, a willingness to learn new things, a laptop and an internet connection!

meet your lead teacher

And Biggest Cheerleader!

Hi! I’m Beth Reading, founder of MyPilatesTime and your personal Pilates teacher. When I was younger, I thought that feeling tired all the time was just part of life. I accepted that my back would ache at the end of every day and that going to the gym was the only answer. Until I discovered Pilates….

I want women to know how good they can feel in their body and their mind with regular snippets of precise, careful movement.

Because just like me, women suffer stiffness, tension, pain and a lack of vitality because they accept that it just comes with getting older. But it doesn’t have to.

Now, I’m 42 and feel the best I ever have! I have more energy than before and I’ve never been so in-tune with my health, nutrition and mental wellbeing.

And so can you! I want women like you to know the joy of feeling strong – strong in your body and strong in your mind. Pilates can help you achieve that.

As a qualified Polestar Pilates instructor, I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way. My down-to-earth classes keep you fit without taking things too seriously.

They’re suitable for all abilities, ages and body types. It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable in every session (and be able to follow along!)

hear from some of our happy clients

And Guess What… You Can See The Same Results!

Kay Parker

“Beth has been my life changer. My whole body shape has changed for the better. Overweight all my life and a smaller size top to bottom, I am almost the same size top and bottom now AND inches smaller. I am so much stronger in my upper body and have much more energy.”

Kay Parker

“Beth has been my life changer. My whole body shape has changed for the better. Overweight all my life and a smaller size top to bottom, I am almost the same size top and bottom now AND inches smaller. I am so much stronger in my upper body and have much more energy.”

if you’re ready to

Give Your Body The Love & The Care It Deserves… Get Your FREE 7-Day Pilates Challenge of MyPilatesTime Today!

discover pilates

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