Pilates For Mums

✔ Physio Approved
6 Week Program (perfect for new mums)

1 in 3 Women Will Experience
Leakage After Childbirth

And to get back to where you were BC (Before Childbirth!) you now practice pelvic floor exercises with religious fervour, yet still wonder if it’s really helping and worry you’ll ever be the same again.

If this is your story you’re not alone! With 1 in 3
women experiencing incontinence it’s way more
common than you think.

Of course you want to do something about it. But
once you’ve got a baby in tow the thought of
getting to the gym is just too much, and bouncing
around the gym or going for a run is simply not on
the cards.

You’re stuck. And feeling dejected about your
changing body can be a real downer.

But wait! Don’t give up hope when the miracle is
just around the corner!

There IS light at the end of the childbirth tunnel
(that is not the light of an oncoming train!).

All it takes is knowing the right moves to do to feel
like yourself again. It really couldn’t be simpler.

With just two 15 minute pilates classes each week
you’ll feel stronger, more energised, and
increasingly confident. Give yourself the gift of
self-love and not only will you reap the rewards,
but your friends and family will notice the
difference too!

But don’t take our word for it! Hear what other mums
have to say about the power of pilates.

We’ve got you covered.

With a physio approved pilates plan you can
rest easy that this course is:

Gentle - perfect for new mums
(6 weeks postpartum)

Effective - strengthen your
pelvic floor muscles

Safe - designed by an
experienced physiotherapist

Convenient - accessible online
classes you can do anywhere, anytime

You’re just one click away from a swag
of resources with Pilates for Mums!

Online Pilates

Pilates for Mums 6 week program has over 16 pre-recorded pilates classes you can do when you like, as often as you like. Progress each week with two 15 minute classes where you’ll strengthen your pelvic floor and get a good stretch while you’re at it!

Talking with Sarah
Educational Videos

With access to 6 educational videos from top physiotherapist Sarah Benson, you’ll gain a better understanding of your body and how to heal it.

Pilates for Mums

Receive VIP access to the Pilates for Mums private Facebook community, where you’ll receive:

daily health and wellbeing wisdom
motivational tips and tricks to get you on your mat
24/7 online chat with Beth, your pilates coach, and Sarah, your physio. These experts will be your personal cheerleaders on your 6 week journey to the new you!
Join a weekly live class where you’ll have the chance to meet the other women in the program and have a chat after a live online pilates class. This is a safe and supportive place (and it’s even okay to show up in your PJs!).

When You Join

Pilates for Mums, you can be confident you will:

Be supported
Be uplifted
Be sure you’re in good hands
Be your best
If you want to rebuild strength from the inside out and feel good about yourself, then Pilates for Mums has been made just for you. Designed by mums, for mums, we ought to know!

As soon as you purchase the 6 week Pilates for Mums course, you can dive straight in anytime you like. Take a class when it suits and revisit any class you like as often as you like.

Being a Mum is hard work! It takes its toll emotionally, mentally, and physically. Taking a little time out of your
hectic day for pilates will refill your tank and create a more balanced, strong and grounded you!

Take the time to invest in yourself. You deserve it.