Eat Well - Be Well

Four steps to a heathier, happier you.



Eat Well Be Well empowers you to make healthy choices and become the best you. For life.


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Build a lifestyle which improves wellness & health, with good food, healthy habits, positivity & exercise.
No real food is off the table – Sourcing a variety of whole foods and understanding how to identify and reduce refined foods, is key to achieving wellness.
Focus on inner-body health. Listen to your body. Eat mindfully, intuitively and engage in positive self-talk.

The biggest challenge to eating healthy
is staying consistent!

Healthy eating has become super complicated. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the latest fads, diet programs and confusing messages? Many women say that many of the eating plans they have tried are unsustainable and the last thing they want is another restrictive diet to follow. (Been there, done that!).

If this sounds familiar, you’re not imagining it! We hear you.

Research shows most diet plans are unsustainable, even if goals are initially reached!

Chances are a few unhealthy habits have snuck in over the years.

Habits that no longer serve you to live your best life are worth changing. You want to make a change, but changing habits is hard. Especially if we go it alone.

That’s where support, encouragement and fresh motivation makes all the difference.

You’ll be pleased to know there is an easier way to eat well and make healthier choices. With a whole foods eating plan that nourishes your body, you’ll be empowered to make good choices around food and feel the best you have in years!


We’ve got you covered with a 4 step guide to healthier eating, for long-term wellbeing and a healthier happier you.
You can be sure this course is:

Achievable – Lifestyle changes are within your reach – achieved within our four step guide to healthy eating choices.
Effective – Embracing a balanced whole food lifestyle effectively boosts energy and overall health.
Sustainable – This is not a 4 week ‘all or nothing’ approach. You’ll build healthy habits that will serve you well for a lifetime.
– You’ll be able to incorporate this guide into your everyday life.

Eat Well – Be Well

4 core principles to guide you on your health journey:

1. Habbit Loops
2. Gut Health
3. Food is Fuel
4. Mindful Eating

Step 1

Add healthy food & healthy habits

  • What is a healthy diet? Whole-food eating explained
  • Wellness journal- finding your “Why” and your motivation
  • Add more food & crowding out
  • Create new habit loops

Step 2

Eating clean, fresh food

  • Clean eating & Reducing toxins
  • Crowd out & swap
  • Plant food habits & eating for nourishment
  • Vitamins, minerals & signals for hunger

Step 3

Healthy Gut – Happy you

  • Gut Health
  • Building better gut health
  • Digestion
  • Influences on gut health, other than food

Step 4


Creating healthy meals


  • Building a balanced meal
  • Understanging macronutrients – protein, fats & carbohydrates
  • Pantry stables & eating mindfully
  • Mindful eating, healthy habbits for life

Your Investment: USD$97 for step 1

(The full course will be an additional $30 when relased)

When you purchase the Step 1 – (Available now as a taster to
the whole course) you’ll also receive these 2 BONUSES!

Bonus 1
2x 15 minute pilates classes to do anytime, from home.

These classes have been designed to complement your healthy eating plan with moves for detoxification and improved mindfulness.

Bonus 2
A recipe book including our top picks of 40+ holistic nutritional meals, snacks, in-between bites and more!.

Options are provided in the recipes for a variety of protein choices, to suit vegan, vegetarian or omnivore diets. It works with flexitarian diets too.

This course is for you if you want to:

Have more energy
Maintain your motivation and finally stay consistent
Have your body do what you want it to do
Enjoy metal clarify and a better mood
To feel more capable and confident
Be a fabulous person to be around

Hear From Some Of

Our Happy Clients


“I LOVED the Eat Well Be Well program. I was relieved not to count calories or weigh myself. It gave me the idea to visualize how I was feeding every cell in my body. I felt I had more energy and started to enjoy making meals, knowing they were good for me and LOVED the quick options.

I managed to change my habit of grabbing chips as a quick fix, to running into the grocery store and picking up a banana, some yoghurt and nuts, blueberries! It became a fun new challenge to see what options there were!”


“The Eat Well, Be Well program opened my eyes to a real way of eating. Just a week after increasing my veggie intake, I felt a sense of renewed energy.

The program provided me with great options, so if a type of food wasn’t right for me, | could try something else. | didn’t feel like | was giving anything up. As | increased the healthy foods, | gradually reduced the less suitable ones.”

Many diet and exercise programs simply aren’t sustainable.

Our whole-food, intuitive eating approach ultimately eliminates the need for counting calories, deprivation and fads. – Thank goodness for that! – Am I right?!

Join now to discover a natural flow of eating that will enable your body to uptake the nutrients it needs for better body balance.

Discover mindful eating and learn about context and quantities: Recognising what is beneficial for your body on any given day or stage of life.

Now is the time to focus on how to nourish your body, engage in positive self-talk and create new habits for life.

You don’t have to go it alone! We’re here to support you every step of your journey.

Join now and receive the support, tips and reminders that will help you reach your goals quicker.

Take the time to invest in yourself. You’re worth it!

“Our aim is for you to integrate mindful eating
habits into your life & feel wellness”

Beth & Laura