Stiffness in the shoulders and neck is very common. It’s often the place we hold tension! If it goes unchecked, this stiffness can cause mobility issues, headaches and continued discomfort.

The cause of this tension and pain is often poor posture or our position, like sitting at a desk for a long time.

The other cause of shoulder and neck tension can be stress. Our mind and body are so deeply connected, it’s only natural that when we feel anxious, stressed or worried our muscles tense up. This fight or flight reaction is normal, but if we feel stressed a lot of the time, the tension is likely to build up.

Tension in the upper body can easily build up and can be caused by:

Stress / Anxiety
Poor posture
Position – Sitting at a desk for a long time
An injury
Overuse of the shoulder

Practicing some regular stretches can really help prevent the build up of tension and keep your body moving well!
When stretching, give yourself a few minutes to relax and breathe softly and deeply. Feeling your body soften with the exhale, feeling the shoulders drop and let the jaw also soften.

I’ve created this video for you with some stretches to release tightness in your upper body. If you’re new to trying exercise at home, here are my tips:

Stretch only to the degree you feel comfortable
Don’t push yourself beyond your limits
Use your breath to be mindful and calm
Repeat the exercises regularly to avoid tension build up

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