There’s a much better chance of your success when you have a coach!

I’m reminded of when I first started My Pilates Time and invested in a business coach. I also remember my first teaching job at a school and the mentor (the teacher in the room next door) who guided me through that first challenging year! – And of course my first pilates mentor, who inspired me and opened my eyes to the connectedness of the body and the joy of movement.

These coaches have had remarkable impacts on my life, and I’m sure there are teachers or coaches that come to your mind too who have helped you over the years.

There are 3 things I think you should look for when choosing to invest in a health and wellness coach.

1. Firstly, ask yourself, ‘Do they embody what they teach?’

It’s all well and good to spill out ideas and philosophy on wellness and living a healthy life, but are you able to see them living out the principles they teach? Essentially, check in to see if they practice what they preach? Do they have something that you want? Is their life inspiring to you?

I wouldn’t want to learn baking from someone who only reads recipes and shares formulas. I want to learn to bake from someone who is a baker! Someone who loves what they do, has experience and someone who genuinely loves cake!

The same is true when looking for a health coach to guide you. Be led by someone who has walked the road a little ahead of you.

2. The second thing to ask yourself  is, “Can they teach what they know?”

To know something and to teach something are two very different things. Can you recall a time during your school life when you had no idea what the teacher was trying to convey? No doubt he or she had a good knowledge of the topic and understood the content of the lesson. But for some reason, the way they communicated didn’t connect with you.

We all learn differently, and respond to instruction and motivation cues in various ways. I have a friend who loves going to the gym where her personal trainer yells at her to “dig deeper!” That wouldn’t work for me, and knowing how I am motivated helped me find the pilates coach that did suit me.

I’ve found that some women need visual cues, others need touch, while some prefer anatomical directions, others like understanding the reason behind each exercise.

Thirdly, “ Do they have the same VALUES as me?”

When you can relate to your coach personally you’ll find it much easier to take on board their advice.
Do they value the same things in life as you? Is family important to them? Do they love being in nature like you?  Do they strive for a balanced approach to wellbeing? Do they have any similar hobbies to you?
This final piece is all about connection. You need to be on the same wavelength, so that communication is clear and you understand each other.

If you answered yes, to all of these 3 questions, then it’s likely that you have found the coach for you!

Investing in a pilates coach is a game changer.

When you decide to invest in a coach, you’re actually saying ‘yes’ to investing in yourself. You’re backing yourself by making a financial decision, and that is where the transformation happens.

It’s exciting to embark on a new learning and health plan! I’m here to make it easier for you! 

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