Having strong glutes is essential! Having strong glutes will support your lower back when lifting, prevent knee issues, and is important for your alignment of the pelvis and overall posture!

If you need to walk, run, stand on one leg, sit on the toilet, swing a golf club or move around at all… then you’re going to need strong glutes!  – They’re the largest and strongest muscle in the body!

A sedentary lifestlye means we don’t use our glutes as much, causing the muscles to be under active and weak. This is often phrased as ‘ sleepy glutes’. The muscles of the hip flexors become shortened and the upper back muscles become weak too.

The good news is, pilates is ideal for strengthening the muscles of the back and hip and glutes! When we work on the muscles at the back of body, we improve our:

✅ Balance (reducing the chance of falls)

You’re probably aware of the issues around falling and balance. Most of our lives we don’t consider these issues, but keeping strength in the glutes will ensure we are steady and have good balance as you get older!

Think about getting up and down from sitting, getting in and out of the car and even just walking around on uneven ground. Better balance means better quality of life!

✅ Alignment (and even overall posture!)

“Good posture can only be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control” Joseph Pilates.

This quote from Joseph Pilates highlights the fact that posture isn’t just about ‘pulling the shoulders back’. The whole body needs to be functioning well for good alignment and correct posture.

Misalignment in the lower body can shift the force through your spine and shoulders too. This can cause issues of pain and stiffness up the chain of the body.

Try these exercises daily, to build strength in your glutes!

Here are a few suggestions to make sure the exercises work for you.

Make a fist if your wrist hurts on all fours. Or try it down on your elbows.

Pop a towel under your knees as a cushion. – It can make it more comfortable.

Keep your body steady, your neck long. ( Rather than dropping your head or looking up)

In the bridge, stand on strong legs and engage your glutes. Try to keep your thighs from splaying outwards. 

Go for 10 of each move.


Link to instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cdmvgm1JTTx/

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