If you’ve experienced any of these 3 things, it’s likely that pilates will be your answer.

1. Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, knowing the right pilates exercises will give you relief. Pilates is famously known for developing core strength. Although, training the deep core muscles and gaining a six pack is not the end goal of pilates at ‘My Pilates Time’. Having a strong core is essential to support and stabilise the spine and help you move in a functional way. When your core is strong and you can move through your spine, everyday tasks are easier. Pilates helps you move and breathe through everyday activities with more freedom, more power and less pain.

2. Posture Problems

We are all prone to getting rounded in the shoulders as we live in a world where we are looking down at our phones or hunched over the computer.
Bad posture leads to aching shoulders, a sore neck, headaches and weak, imbalance of muscles. Pilates exercises can reverse the effects of bad posture and help you develop the strength to sit tall. The exercises will focus your attention on correct alignment. This enables you to have a good balance of all opposing muscles and also strengthen the neglected postural muscles.

2. Feeling Stiff and Old!

To move well we need a balance of flexibility and strength. At My Pilates Time we strive for mobility. We want to move easily through the joints of our body, so that everyday life can be enjoyed. We focus on twisting, reaching up, bending the back and coordination! Without restriction and stiffness, you’ll feel a sense of freedom as more possibilities open up to you!

One of my clients Linda, had this to say about how she felt after just 6 weeks of pilates.

“ 6 weeks ago I felt like a rubber band – a light brown one, tight, few knots and about to snap!!  I was recovering from an injury and had been struggling away with a few exercises at home…..not really understanding what the best exercises were to help my recovery and gain some strength.  I am now feeling like a new rubber band – strong, flexible, and a brighter colour!  The program has been inspiring, as has your quiet encouragement and support during the classes.  Very grateful – thank you so much! ” Linda Ormond

And this is from Jill.

“ I am in my mid sixties and have disabilities from a serious car accident and Rheumatoid arthritis. For the last eighteen months I have been doing Pilates under the expert guidance and encouragement of Beth and have experienced a huge transformation. I have gained strength and flexibility that I would never have dreamed possible for someone like myself.

This has give me new confidence that ageing does not mean becoming weak and full of aches and pains. ”

You too can know the benefits of good movement. Exercise for the purpose of making life better, feeling better within yourself and enjoying what your body can do!

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