It can be so daunting to know which props you’ll need when you first start out with pilates, but it’s super exciting too!

I’ll let you in on a secret. I use props to keep me from getting bored and losing interest. Plus, the right prop can make the exercises much easier and this is a game changer – especially for beginners.

In fact, you’ll probably find that using a prop like a roller or a band will give you some assistance and extra support, making the exercises more comfortable and more do-able. It’s a shame when women throw in the towel before they get the hang of the moves.

Here’s my list of props to purchase to get started.

Mat – It’s worthwhile to invest in a good mat. The thickness of the mat will make a big difference. See if you can get a mat which is 1cm – 1.5 cm thick.

Then, when you’re lying on the floor, kneeling on the mat or on your hands and knees you’ll be so much more comfortable!

Roller – I’ll bet this will become your favorite prop! You can release tight muscles, roll out knots and be supported in a comfortable position when you practice core exercises.

Go for a roller which is 90 cm long so that you can lie lengthways on it. Some small indents are okay, but for what we need, a fairly smooth, firm roller will work best.

Band – Exercise bands come in various levels of stretch. The thicker the elastic, the harder it is to stretch. Go for a medium weight band to start with. This will give you enough support to stretch your legs while also being able to use it for your arm exercises.

Hand Weights – You won’t regret investing in these! It feels so good to know you’ve worked your arms and shoulders, and using little hand weights means you’ll feel the benefits of a good workout in less time. For the exercises I teach, go for 500g – 1.5kg.

Put your weights under the coffee table and pick them up each day for a quick 10 minute routine. (Click here for a free hand weights class)

Spikey Ball – You can pick these up in department stores in the fitness department.

Some are soft and others are firm. It really depends on what you like. I use a spiky ball daily to roll out my feet and sometimes as a massage tool. You’ll find your family will start borrowing your spikey ball when they realise how good it feels for their feet! You may even have to fight the dog for it!

And if you’re wondering if you could use some of these simple props to develop strength, reduce tightness, move pain free and have more energy, then My Pilates Time IS for you.

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